We at Veterans Home Proof  take pride in our work  provide structural and property protection against pest rodent and wildlife, will also providing low cost gutter and downspout cleaning. We are state licensed and insured and a member of the Disabled American Veterans along with the Certified Pest Control Organization. we exterminate everything from house mites to the removal of raccoons.

In addition we provide crawlspace vapor barriers mold treatments and ventilation services. we also install French drainage and sump pumps. Over the years we have sealed off thousands of homes, preventing access from rodents, insects and even mold. all of our work is done at a reasonable price which differentiates us from other companies.

Veterans Home Proof is a licensed and insured structural pest control company providing everything from hornet nest removal Bedbug treatments Flea and Tick treatments rodent control, Exclusions, disinfect and deodorization of crawlspaces and attics, removal of dead rodents, stinging insect exterior fogging, and pest control for ants, cockroaches, earwigs and millipedes. We do Property pest control cleanouts with optional services ranging from monthly to quarterly recurring treatments. 


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